Concept and description

MetamentalDOC multimedia is an interactive documentary that looks at documentary film and independent documentary film. It is a project that contains a great deal of content of various types. The project came about as the result of an audiovisual documentary produced by the same team, and grew to the point where it became a larger work than its predecessor. MetamentalDOC multimedia is also a documentary based on a web and interactive medium. In this platform, the content has been expanded and the audiovisual project has become part of the multimedia, with the inclusion of some parts and at the same time, the inclusion of audiovisual content.

The title of the audiovisual project - metamentalDOC - is based on a word game. This terminology and ideas in this project infinitely reference each other on a constant basis. Producing a documentary work on the documentary genre itself is “playing” with the concept, using its own tools. MetamentalDOC is “metadocumentary”, “meta-doc-MENTAL” and finally, meta-mental-DOC. Each part of the title is significant: “Meta”, because it is a metanarrative, “mental“ because it calls for the interpretation of the content and “DOC” because it is a documentary. MetamentalDOC multimedia is therefore the title of an interactive project based on the audiovisual documentary metamentalDOC. It has the same title, and is complemented by the multimedia specification.

From the point of view of the core concept of this work, it is an interactive application halfway between the documentary genre - as can be seen in the interviews section and the documentary piece itself - and a work of cultural dissemination with a didactic and pedagogical objective - as can be seen in the historical background and virtual classroom sections. The newness and added value of this example is based on three key points. First, the fact that there is no similar project on the subject covered, due to its complexity and originality; second, there is also no platform with the attributes that this one possesses, which make it possible to view an audiovisual documentary, and browse or interact five broad sections in a non-linear way; and finally, apart from the innovation in terms of the subject matter and languages used - Spanish and Catalan - there are no other similar experiences on the market that mix an idea for entertainment and a learning and educational idea in such an effective and attractive way. What really adds value to MetamentalDoc Project is this triple aspect:

  • The cross-media strategy behind: one project with several parts for different platforms.
  • A production conceived as an educational and training tool: acts as a secondary Virtual Campus for a whole Communication College.
  • Open project available online that allows users to upload content: includes a 1 hour-long documentary film, 40 interviews and more than 150 downloadable documents and videos.