Historical background

The section called Historical background uses the time browsing mode to present its content, as its key feature is browsing and moving around using clearly defined chronological periods. There are two complementary timelines: the horizontal line at the bottom enables us to move around the different periods and in each period there is a series of key movements or pioneers at the top, using the visual metaphor of framed paintings. The hanging paintings simulate reminders hanging in thin air of film directors who did not attain the fame of their colleagues - the directors of fiction films. The chains that hold the frames are a metaphor for these artists’ “imprisonment” as independent documentary makers, or major figures who set milestones, and whose works were important in the history of documentary film. The frames are all the same; the only difference is their position in space. We have therefore attempted to find a common point between all the characters, something that links them, which the fact that they are all part of the same group (the best documentary filmmakers) but this is immediately divided into two different sections: those with an international and those with a Spanish profile.